Amazon Holiday Beauty Shipping: The Best Prices on Sale

If you’re looking to restock your shower rack, get your money’s worth by buying in bulk or save some money on a high-end product, the Amazon Holiday Beauty Shipping campaign is your one-stop shop. Now through Nov. 6, you can shop specials on hair products, skin care, grooming devices and ways, and more. The two-week event will showcase thousands of deals from top brands including OPI, Revlon, Olaplex and Bioderma.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks from the sale (you can be sure we’ll add them to our own cart) – shop them below before the sale ends next week.

$150 $127 on Amazon

pmd cleaner cnnu


This exfoliating massage cleanser is super clean in three ways: wash with the loofah attachment, give a good scrub with the alumina exfoliator, and relax after a long day with the massager attachment.

$17 $13 on Amazon

cetaphil moisturizing cleansercnnu


This skin-recommended cleanser is as gentle as sensitive skin – the newly added niacinamide in the formula is for a little extra hydration when you need it most.

$23 $15 on Amazon

aquaphor healing ointment


This is the time of year for dry, cracked skin and prevention is the best treatment in this case. Pick up Aquaphor’s various packs filled with goodies for dry and chapped skin: you’ll get a creamy ointment for feet, elbows and body, and a lip balm for chapped lips.

$28 $25 on Amazon

olaplex ultimate essentials cnnu


Bleached hair is already fragile, and winter beanies and windy weather will never help. Olaplex’s multiple packs, including shampoo, conditioner, mask, pre-shampoo booster, and bond-building hair treatment, are just the rescue it needs (and all in a travel-size convenient).

20 dollars $14 on Amazon

Original Makeup Eraser


This drag queen-approved makeup eraser only needs some water to get the job done—yes, it just needs water, making it perfect for those working late at night or long hours.

$69 Amazon $55

perricone md cnnu


This vitamin C-rich moisturizer doesn’t just hydrate or eliminate fine lines—the formula is also designed to add a festive glow to your festive moments this season.

$12 $9 on Amazon

Twist boss lights into air cnnu


Every day is a great day for curling with this styling cream, which you can add layer after layer for a defined twist that holds its shape without crunching.

$41 Amazon $31

Sebastian shampoo conditioner cnnu


Thanks to the help of jojoba and argan oils, this cleansing and moisturizing duo has a rare full 5-star rating and is all about shine and body without the extra weight.

$44 Amazon $38

Evian facial spray cnnu


Give your family or friends a misty gift this holiday season. These tiny Evian facial sprays are perfect for hiking, after a flight, or after a day in the sun. The 1.7 oz bottle is also perfect for vacations and adventures.

50 U.S. dollars Amazon $40

elemis superfood moisturizer cnnu


This one-stop primer moisturizer is perfect for those of us who skip foundation but want a little extra shine at this season’s festive events and parties—and a little goes a long way. (It also works great as a base for a highlighter).

$45 Amazon $32

ahava dead sea mineral body wash cnnu


Perfect for hydrating skin on cold winter mornings, this fragrant body wash adds a touch of luxury to your morning shower.

$78 Amazon $63

clearrx daily dose water


Another 5-star win from Amazon, this hyaluronic acid serum is just what dull, wind-washed winter skin needs. (Use morning and night for the most shimmering results.)

$29 $20 on Amazon

Unity hair inflates dust


This rich-textured powder adds a little lift to your roots and is perfect for holding cap hair or adding volume after blow-drying.

$30 Amazon $26

boscia glow kit cnnu


Boscia’s vegan skincare products have a lot to brag about beyond their ethical quality, and this six-pack travel-size product is a great way to showcase the brand’s talent. Choose from a selection of packs for dry, normal, oily and combination skin, each containing products for your skin type.

$37 Amazon $33

Sexy hairstyle cnnu


Get a messy second day look on day one with this dry wax spray duo that defines layers and has enough staying power to keep your style going all day.

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