Woman overcharged, frustrated with long-running refund process at Bellevue business

Bellevue, Nebraska (WOWT) – Two different 6 On Your Side surveys provide results for residents of the Omaha area.

The first involved a unique get-together with friends, leaving Ms. Omaha with amusing memories and a shocking debit card fee.

After months of trying to get a refund, she called Mike McKnight and 6 On Your Side.

Are you angry enough to want to break something? A Bellevue-based business called Le Smash offered the opportunity, and last July, a group of friends enjoyed a getaway.

But since then, the woman who paid for that good time has been frustrated.

“I’m also a young mother,” customer Monica Casey said. “I don’t have a lot of time to travel around and figure out the legal system that makes businesses responsible for returning my money.”

After discovering her debit card had been charged four times for a smash, Monica got a refund when her bank stepped in, but two more since July 18 totaling $640 The payment has not been repaid.

6 News’ Mike McKnight contacted the company for a response.

Over the weekend, Monica got a response from the venue owner.

McKnight: “Within hours of contacting her, you got a full refund of $640.”

Monica: “Yeah, 100%, it only took me three months after I kept trying and you made a phone call.”

Thanks to the chargeback, Monica says her trust in using the debit card is no longer broken.

The owner of the business didn’t answer Mike’s follow-up text messages about what happened.

The second investigation was a century link left in the backyard of several homeowners.

The line winds its way along six backyards near Omaha’s 117th and Praire Lane, bringing the neighbor’s internet service back to life.

“I want to bury it,” said homeowner Barb Flowers.

But barbs don’t know when.

“They said I couldn’t find information about the service request because it wasn’t going directly to my house and my account.”

On the line, another neighbor felt left out by the cable installer.

“It’s on the road and it’s hard to mow,” Jason Stromquist said. “I hope they keep cleaning it up and burying it. It’s been a long time, like five months.”

The fence behind Flowers’ home has been removed to gain more green space, but taking the outpost has been delayed despite keeping it off the ground due to unburied cables.

A day after Mike McKnight of 6 News emailed CenturyLink or the Lumens corporate office, Flowers said a supervisor showed up and told them the line had been exposed for months, seemingly forgotten and soon to be buried.

“Now that we’ve at least been considered, they know the situation and the line,” Barb Flowers said.

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