Woman arrested after threatening to shoot down Brook Park business owner

BROOK PARK, Ohio – A 36-year-old East Cleveland woman was arrested at approximately 1 p.m. on November 1 and released. On the 15th, she threatened to kill the owner of Direct Detail on West 137th Street.

The woman took her car to Direct Detail for repairs but was not happy with the results. The business owner said he did not allow the woman into the building because she threatened to pick up a gun and shoot him in the head while she stood in the doorway.

The woman also threatened to damage vehicles parked on the property. Two Direct Detail employees corroborated the manager’s account.

The woman denied the threat. A passenger in her car, the father of her child, said he didn’t hear her threatening anyone.

Officers handcuffed the woman before learning that her driver’s license had been suspended. The Berea Municipal Court advised the police to summon and release the woman, which they did.

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