WhatsApp lets users edit messages — but only for a short time | Tech News

WhatsApp will allow users to edit their messages – but only within 15 minutes of sending them.

The Meta-owned messaging service has started rolling out the new feature and it will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Messages will have a label showing they’ve been edited — but they won’t show how they were changed.

To edit a message, the user needs to hold down on a message and select “Edit” from the drop-down menu.

Editing options will be available for 15 minutes after the message is sent.

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The new feature is for “moments when you make a mistake or change your mind,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“From correcting a simple typo to adding extra context to messages, we’re excited to give you more control over your chats.”

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WhatsApp is the latest service to offer editorial capabilities, following messaging services Telegram and Signal.

Twitter Introduced its Edit Tweet feature paying subscribers in the last year.

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For nearly a decade, Facebook has allowed users to edit posts and comments, but not messages.

The latest update of WhatsApp was announced in Meta that it will Allow users to lock and hide conversations.

Chat Lock will remove chat threads from the app’s regular on-screen inbox and place them in a new folder that can only be opened with a password or biometrics (such as facial recognition or fingerprint).

Meta calls it “an extra layer of security,” but the feature may feud with england The government’s Online Safety Act.

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