Westminster University students launch new bee business

NEW WILMINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – Students at Westminster College have launched a new business on campus. They are selling products produced by the school apiary.

The store is something that students have been working on for a long time. This is thanks to an idea that started in 2019, when bee farms were built.

These are the staff and students of 30 beehives working with nearly 2 million bees.

Students from different backgrounds and majors are involved in making the Westminster Bee Company a reality.

The original course for the introduction of bees was part of what the academy called a “cluster course”. In a semester, there are two courses that overlap each other.

The store is led by students from the Environmental Entrepreneurship class.

Senior Morgan Straw is a double major in Environmental Science and Spanish. She said the course really advanced the goal of Westminster College – a well-rounded education.

“It gave me the opportunity to be art and to go through design concepts and understand business, which I never thought I would do before. So, we both got a lot of really cool experiences out of it,” Straw said.

The Westminster Bee Company did a test pop-up store for Homecoming weekend a few weeks ago, but Saturday is when the store will officially launch in the campus bookstore.

They sell raw honey in three different sizes.

All proceeds go directly to environmental education and continued care of the herd

Straw said they hope to continue growing the business and create more honey-based products in the future.

The store will be open today from 9am to 12pm

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