US midterm elections: Trump-backed celebrity TV doctor Oz loses to hoodie-wearing stroke survivor as Democrat toppling Pennsylvania Senate seat US News

The outcome of the Pennsylvania Senate race is always so important — and the way it’s shown is remarkable.

Democrats managed to wrest it back from Republicans.

Latest midterm elections: House and Senate race on a knife’s edge as red wave doesn’t materialize

Available seats have been snapped up due to the retirement of veteran Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, rural Republican strongholds, the apparent appeal of the Trump Maga movement, and historical precedent are all pollsters and pundits doubt that the Toomey crown will definitely go to the new Republican candidate Human Reasons, Muhammad Oz.

Celebrity TV Doctor Mehmet Oz

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US mid-term results live: Who’s ahead…and who’s behind?

U.S. midterm elections have tight margins, but Republicans don’t appear to be winning

After all, Oz is an elegant TV personality. He has changed his political profile a little — sometimes closer to Trump, sometimes less so.

Fighting against Oz is the opposite of Poland. John Feltman – The Salt of the Earth, the People’s Man, the former Pittsburgh suburban mayor in a hoodie.

The televised debate in the most crucial state has been a disaster for Feltman. As a stroke survivor, he sometimes had trouble forming sentences. Compared to the articulate Oz, it was a tough statement.

But it turns out that voters prefer lifelong, local, dedicated politicians to smoothies who lived in Pennsylvania until recently.

Most voters rejected Oz’s connection to Trump. They rejected his inexperience. They rejected his anti-abortion stance. They dismissed his doubts about the validity of the 2020 election.

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No red waves in the U.S. mid-term

These rejections appear to be playing out elsewhere as well.

Donald Trump There is some reflection to do after tonight.

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