Under $25 Score: We Review and Love The Hotor Car Trash Can

The interior of your car is known to get pretty bad. From morning coffee brews and fast food scraps to random receipts and wrappers that end up under your seat, litter is always a problem. That’s why I love the Hotor car trash can so much. It’s a convenient and leak-proof way to dispose of junk on the go. Oh, and it’s only $10.

This cheap junk can help you keep your car from turning into a disaster. Stable, convenient and leak-proof, allowing you to organize your car without worries.

A few months ago, I drove a budget truck across the country from New York City to Boulder, Colorado. Before driving, I was researching products that might make horrible off-road driving more bearable. I basically spend 8 hours or more in my truck alone every day, so I’m always looking for anything that works.

Aside from the phone holder and lumbar support, one of the highlights I’ve come across is the Hotor car trash can. I know I’ll be stopping at the gas station all the time for coffee, snacks and more, so car junk sounds like a good idea. Also, this 2 gallon can from Hotor is only $10 so I thought I’d give it a try.

After using it in my truck during the move, and after using it in my regular car for a few months, I can confidently say I love this little trash can. It’s easy to install, holds a lot of junk and really helps keep my vehicle clean.

You might think that you don’t need a car trash can and that a plastic shopping bag hanging from the passenger seat headrest will suffice. I am here to tell you that you are wrong. Hotor’s jar is more reliable and stable, and while it’s not flashy, it’s definitely a more aesthetic option than a soft plastic bag.

Hotor car trash can

Kay Burckhardt/CNN

The main feature that makes the Hotor car trash can so great is its stability and sturdiness. It comes with a small amount of plastic that you can insert under the handle of the trash can to give it structure. This makes it easier to get your waste through the top opening, especially if you keep your eyes on the road.

The interior of the Hotor trash can is also completely waterproof, so even if you drop a half-full drink in it, it won’t leak from the bottom into your upholstery. We threw all kinds of cans and bottles in it, and even poured water directly into it to test its water resistance. Not a single drop passed through. There’s obviously an opening at the top, so be careful with spills when you remove the jar from the car, but the bottom won’t leak.

Hotor car trash can interior

Kay Burckhardt/CNN

Another great thing about this jar is that it is easy to install. The Hotor trash can has a simple buckle strap so you can place it in several different places around the vehicle. I like to have it attached to the center console so everyone in the car can easily use it, but it can also sit on the back of the headrest, or basically hang anywhere a strap can be attached. It comes in 2- and 3-gallon sizes (I empty 2 gallons about every two months) and a variety of colors; has several small built-in storage bags; and comes with two mini trash bags.

The Hotor car trash may not be noticed, but it made a big difference in my life. It has a simple job and performs well. Thanks to the little canister, my car is cleaner, and for $10, I couldn’t ask for more.

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