Twitter wins big-name backers against Threads – but the backers are Taliban | Tech News

Twitter has won a big-name backer against fast-growing rival Threads, but the backer is the Taliban.

leader of a hardline Islamist group, Seizing Power in Afghanistan in Summer 2021explain Elon MuskThe platform is a tolerant place where free speech is allowed to flourish.

Anas Haqani tweeted his support on Monday amid news that Meta’s new Twitter-like platform Accumulated more than 100 million users in less than a week.

its popularity and cheeky likeness Twitter Annoyed Musk, he was right mark Zuckerberg In several tweets since then it has been made clear that Threads launched even threatened to sue.

But Haqqani’s organization has Barring women from university education, public places and most jobssaying Musk has nothing to worry about.

“No other platform can replace it,” he said of Twitter, citing its commitment to “free speech” and its “publicity and credibility.”

“Twitter doesn’t have an intolerance policy like this Yuan“He added.

Sky News contacted the tweet seeking comment, but only received the customary poop emoji in return.

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Taliban on twitter

Haqqani, In an interview with Sky News last year, she defended the Taliban’s regressive stance on women’s and girls’ rightsOne of many leaders of the regime with a Twitter account.

The Taliban had been present on Twitter before Musk bought the company last October.The organization is banned from competitor platforms such as Facebook, Instagramand Tik Tok.

Earlier this year, news emerged that Taliban figures had been verified on Twitter after signing up for the Twitter Blue subscription service, which provides users with check marks previously reserved for public figures such as athletes, politicians, celebrities and some journalists.

Taliban tick removed after backlash.

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User reaction to Meta’s launch of Threads

Quick start of threads

Musk’s stance on verification and moderation That’s one reason some users are looking to leave Twitter.

But with no rivals threatening its status as the go-to social media platform for real-time text updates like Threads, its user base quickly dwarfed that of others like Twitter. blue sky and mastodon It will soon catch up to Twitter’s estimated population of 360-400 million.

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Just days after Musk’s announcement, its launch is on a tight schedule Temporary reading limits on Twitterbut with higher limits for those who pay for Twitter Blue.

A verbal spat between Musk and Zuckerberg via their respective apps could end in a real fight, both billionaires say they want a cage game.

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