Twitter rolls out editing features to select users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand | Technology News

Twitter now offers some users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand the option to edit tweets.

those who subscribe to paid countries Twitter Blue clothes can be changed.

The company said the feature is “coming soon” to the U.S. market, despite recent testing in the U.S.

It’s unclear when it will be available to UK users, as Twitter Blue isn’t currently available there.

People will be able to see when a tweet has been edited as a pencil icon will appear next to it. You can also open the version history to show what has changed.

Twitter explains how editors can series of animations.

Users have long called for the ability to change tweets to fix bugs or clarify meaning.

However, some were not happy with the limited rollout.

“Why on earth is Twitter Blue only available in 3 counties? You didn’t make it clear… It’s been the most popular Twitter feature for years, and you’re making users, and 3 counties, pay for it,” Posted by @mrchrisfloyd.

“The fact that @Twitter still doesn’t have an editorial feature in the US is a satire of justice,” @C_Navarrete30 said.

“overall Kim K’s case with the SEC If tweets could be updated and edited, it could have been avoided entirely. “

Other users were more positive about the editor’s arrival.

“Twitter Blue with an edit button makes it worth $5 a month,” @Entralized said, while @rolotomars tweeted, “10 years late, but I guess better than nothing.”

Launched last year, Twitter Blue offers additional features based on user feedback. Prices in the US rose from $2.99 ​​per month to $4.99 per month in July.

The company hasn’t disclosed how many people signed up, but said it remains committed to offering the free service.

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