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Meta launched what some called a “Twitter killer” app — Threads — which Mark Zuckerberg said had more than 30 million registered users on the first day.

twitter has reportedly threatened to sue Regarding “intellectual property” – Elon Musk hints that Meta has “cheated”.

While many were excited about the new challenges facing his company, others were less impressed and said important functions were missing.

Here’s what users say needs to be changed.

feed is frustrating

Page contains posts from people you don’t follow, but they Threads Guess you might be interested. And you can’t filter those out.

Early adopters said the algorithm made it difficult for them to see what they actually subscribed to and cared about most.

“I’ve followed about 30 people and their posts haven’t shown up in my feed yet,” jimmyjxmes wrote on Reddit.

However, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in a reply to tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee that it only shows stories from people you follow “in the list”.

Threads also don’t allow you to sort posts to show the newest posts at the top, which is how most people scroll through Twitter.

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No keyword searches – and no hashtags

You can’t actually search by a specific topic. “Space” or “motorcycle” – and hashtag fanatics will be #disappointed as they are so far unsupported.

Currently, the search only returns potential accounts to follow, not individual posts.

@FalKoopa_ tweeted: “Wait, you can’t search threads on Threads. Bro. It’s a basic feature.”

There’s also no trending section like Twitter does.

The ability to properly search and combine topics is so fundamental it doesn’t seem far away from it.

Adam Mosseri said in the video that “more features around recommendations and trends” will be added, as well as “trying to improve other features of Threads as soon as possible.”

Doesn’t “slide into DMs”

Some might consider the lack of direct messaging (another core feature of Twitter) a blessing because it reduces unsolicited communication.

But for everyone else, not being able to send private messages is a big shame. Again, if Meta tweaks the app, this will likely be added soon.

Threads look very similar to Twitter.Image: Yuan
Threads look very similar to Twitter.Image: Yuan

Tech companies are constantly updating their services, often rolling out “rough” versions and shaping them based on feedback.

This was noticed by users like @shielddoespixel, who tweeted: “Anyone looking forward to this? [Threads] Can it work out of the gate?

“The core is there, it obviously needs some iterations and more work.”

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If you delete a topic, you delete Instagram

Meta’s new baby is tied to its ubiquitous photo-sharing app — which could be a problem for anyone trying to wean it off, or not have it at all.

You need an Instagram account to start using Threads, and you can’t sign up with just an email address.

You also cannot delete your Threads profile without also deleting your Instagram account.

Mark Zuckerberg tweets about the success of the site’s first day

If you want to take a break, you can choose to temporarily deactivate your account. This will hide your profile, threads, replies and likes – but most importantly your data will remain.

Threads also connects you to your Instagram username – no different.

If you want to change it, you have to change it on both.

However, Threads does allow users to have different profiles, links, and decide if they want their profile to remain private.

It does not work on desktop or laptop

There’s no web app or desktop version, which means you can’t publish or roll feeds using your desktop or laptop.

You must download the iOS or Android mobile app for this.

“If I can’t type my stupid gibberish on a physical computer keyboard, then I don’t see the point,” tweeted @BigHairyMarty.

However, individual users’ posts on desktop can be viewed by visiting and adding the username – eg

That’s another advantage Twitter has over its former rivals — for now.

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