Top 4 Things Entrepreneurs Must Outsource to Expand Their Business

The word ‘business’ literally means the state of being busy; ‘busy’. Entrepreneurs are all things to all people when starting out. They will feel like they are wearing many hats, stretching themselves thin and being pulled in all directions. Sales, delivery, marketing, administration, not to mention finance, HR, legal and recruiting. An entrepreneur has to be generalist, know a lot about a lot of fields, and spin a lot of plates. However, do it too much and the dishes may start to fall off.

In order to reduce hustle and get the most out of their true talents, many entrepreneurs look to outsource the tasks of day-to-day operations. I talk to entrepreneurs in all fields about the most impactful outsourcing decisions.

all administrative

Management is often not real work, it is the foundation that allows real work to happen. You can’t do that demo if you don’t know where it is. If you haven’t set up payments, you can’t pay your employees. Entrepreneurs who waste time doing their own management are held back in other areas; administrators are rarely worth their time.

Greg Simpson, founder of Press For Attention, knows his skill “is in creating and replicating”. He says he is, “I’m much more productive as a business owner and much more creative as a consultant when I focus on my core skills.” He outsources all administrative tasks in his business, calling it For a win-win situation.

From the start, Joanne Streames, founder of Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services, said, “Outsourcing management was imperative because I felt like a hamster, unable to grow my business.” Two years later, her team now has eight people and she still outsources “PR, social media, branding and marketing”. We also have a professional recruiter who helps us grow our team. ’ Streames’ strategy was simple. ‘I’ve always thought; what am I good at? Where is my expertise? Who, not how, will get me where we need to go? ’ She found that the more “celebrities” she was involved with, the more successful her company was.”

One man’s hell is another man’s paradise. The job you fear most is being someone else’s trouble. There are seldom good reasons for entrepreneurs to manage themselves; follow the lessons of Simpson and Streams and do what only you can do.

crunch numbers

You probably won’t fix your own car, plumb your own bathroom, or build your own house. You’ll find a professional who knows what they’re doing. So many business owners think they can do their own books and miss out on the benefits a good accountant can bring. This is common in early-stage startups and feels like a way to cut costs, but in reality it’s a false economy.

According to digital consultant Marcio Delgado, “outsourcing clients has had a huge impact on his business”. “No matter how much you love what you do, if you get too involved in all the bureaucratic aspects of the job, you don’t have much time for creative work.” On the financial side of the decision, accountants should save you more money than they cost.

Digital Agency founder Binny Shah-Patel “stops worrying about my tax returns and focuses my time and energy on other areas of my business” when she outsources her tax affairs. Logging into Xero and crunching numbers yourself isn’t a great way to kill time. Nor are scanning receipts and compiling spreadsheets.

For everything to do with numbers and money, find out what happened, but let someone else compile the report. Have someone else declare your income to the government and fill out the boxes on the form they send. You can find more productive and efficient ways to spend your time.

Solid social media presence

What used to be a social media manager is now several. There are TikTok experts, LinkedIn lead generation experts, Twitter gurus, and Facebook ad wizards. Not to mention the content creation itself; videographers, copywriters, bloggers, photographers, animators, reel creators, producers and dispatchers. Finding this in one person is a huge problem. It is impossible to discover this in yourself.

Outsourcing social media management has had an impact on Bourn Beautiful Naturals founder Kadian Pow. “People underestimate the time and expertise it takes to develop strategy, photos, videos, headlines, hashtags, and navigate an ever-changing algorithm. It’s a full-time job in itself,” says Pow, “so much worth outsourcing so early on,” and Wish they did this sooner.

Business and marketing expert Niki Hutchison outsources not strategy, but execution. It’s “so my ideas can come out of my head and come to life.” Become a visionary entrepreneur with a partner who is focused on executing your ideas to ensure they reach as many people as possible. Rockstar Marketing CEO Ravi Davda outsources social media management “for my business and my mental health”.

Logging in and posting every day shortens your focus and takes you away from the really important deep work. Find some great freelancers with a track record and send the work their way.

a brilliant brand

In an ideal world, customers will find you. They stumble upon your website, marvel at how well your company seems to understand your needs, and get in touch. Your brand wows them and they know you as their supplier. They slide into your customer base through your funnel.

While this can happen, it rarely happens without a second pair of eyes. Outsourcing branding and everything on branding, including website design, development, and copywriting, is the difference between switching brands and confusing existence. Callie Pettigrew, founder of Studio Dine, understands the importance of “investing in a really strong brand and website design has had a huge impact on my business”. Because of that, “we now attract our dream clients and customers and build so much trust with them.”

Not just the website, but the words on the page. Michelle Poulson of Print Play Learn says, “Outsourcing the copywriting for my website and blog gives me a lot of time to focus on what I’m really good at, which is design. It also eliminates having to The pressure of writing. The best thing I do.”

Do your job and let others explain what you do. Focus on your craft and outsource your copying and conversions to branding professionals. Find someone who loves working with data and see what a difference they can make.

Administration, finance, social media, and every aspect of your brand. Four things entrepreneurs struggle with themselves that can be outsourced to great benefit. Take them one at a time and see if your schedule is clear and your business will take off.

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