This cheap gaming chair has become my ultimate WFH accessory

A few years ago, when I was getting ready to put together my first gaming PC, I thought I’d find a decent chair to go with it. Knowing that I’ve already spent a lot of money on computer parts and peripherals, I settled for the cheapest gaming chair I could find on Amazon, which had decent ratings. Fast-forward to 2021, and that chair is still surprisingly solid—after over a year of continuous remote work, it’s become an integral part of my home office.

At first glance, the Homall gaming chair is rather unassuming. It sports a large, racing-inspired design that’s typical of any gaming chair—a look that you might find attractive or obnoxious, depending on your tastes. After seeing its low price and loads of positive reviews, I settled on the rather understated black-and-white model (and bolder colors like neon green and purple, if that’s your thing), and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve owned this chair for over two years now, and I’ve found it to be an excellent entry-level gaming chair that just happens to double as an excellent work-at-home chair. That’s why the Homall gaming chair deserves a place in your home office—even if you spend more time on spreadsheets than Call of Duty.

An affordable chair that’s perfect for gaming and working at home.

Giant Gaming Chair

Buy this WFH must-have product on Amazon today. It’s currently marked down to $99.99, down from an original $149.99.

Whenever I sat down to stream on Twitch or play Halo for a few hours, the Homall chair made me comfortable early on, but it really became an invaluable tool when the pandemic started. While countless friends and co-workers are scrambling to buy new chairs and complaining about back pain while working at their kitchen counters, I’m typing away comfortably in my comically large marshmallow seat. I get a lot of compliments and comments about my chair on video calls, to which I simply respond with, “Thanks, it’s cheap on Amazon!” and send it with a link.

High-density, sculpted foam under the faux leather shell provides this high level of comfort. This combination has kept me pain and sore free for years. The chair’s large headrest keeps my neck comfortable, while its large base cushion does the same for my lower back by providing ample lumbar support.

Its 360-degree seat rotation and scroll wheels still feel smooth and responsive, with very little friction as I zip around my work area throughout the day to switch between different devices. Homall’s chair is also easy to recline, with a lever that lets you go from 90 degrees (sitting upright) to 180 degrees (kicking backwards while playing a game or watching a movie).

While the gaming chair aesthetic isn’t for everyone, I like that my black and white model has a subtle look that still helps me stand out on work calls as our resident geek.

Homall gaming chair 5

Mike Andronico/CNN

I can confidently say that Homall’s gaming chair looks great to me, but does it meet the criteria we use to determine the best office chair? Comfort and support are the things we look for most in our chair tests, and Homall’s chairs win big in terms of lumbar, backrest, and overall seat support. However, the armrest support of the seats could be better. The Homall chairs use hard plastic arms, and during particularly long conference calls or gaming sessions, I sometimes get rough on my elbows, leaving me yearning for more upholstery.

Adjustability is another major factor we consider when reviewing chairs, and Homall’s chair has a lot to offer in terms of overall angle and high flexibility. Again, the armrests are the real culprit here, as they cannot be adjusted. While their low height works for my 5’10” height and the armrests slide under my desk when I’m not working or gaming, the lack of adjustability for those of different heights and arm lengths Sex can be an issue — especially since the chair only comes in one size.

Steelcase Series 1, our favorite office chair.

Speaking of the assembly process, assembling Homall’s chair was a relatively painless process, taking just under an hour as I recall (time and the global pandemic may warp your memory a bit). That’s about the same as our budget pick in the $145 Alera Elusion series, but still requires more work than our favorite overall chair, the $415 Steelcase Series 1, which comes fully assembled.

Having not tested both chairs, I can’t say for sure if Homall’s chair is a viable replacement for them. If you’re bored with the bulky aesthetic of a gaming chair, or work in an environment that requires you to look as professional as possible (I’m lucky enough to have a job that welcomes my nerds), our office picks might be just right for you.

But I can say that the Homall gaming chair is at least worth keeping an eye on when building your home office, because for just over $100, you can get a comfortable and flexible chair for work and play. Considering that office chairs and gaming chairs can easily cost over $1,000, the fact that you can get something so reliable for such a cheap price means a lot.

As for how does the Homall compare to other gaming chairs? Well, you get what you pay for. Before and after I bought the Homall, I also tested the $399 Alienware S5000 in my old office. The perks you get for the higher price are immediately apparent—the S5000’s denser foam and microfiber-coated seat pads make for a softer, better-padded chair, and the armrests are easy to adjust horizontally and vertically. I wouldn’t mind replacing my Homall with something at the S5000 quality level one day, but I feel like my current chair is still giving me the support I need right now.

Homall Gaming Chair 2

Mike Andronico/CNN

Been using a Homall gaming chair for over two years and I can’t imagine working or gaming at home without it. For a seat that costs a little over $100, it barely wears out after prolonged use, and more importantly, it kept me away from the chiropractor for over a year, writing in my bedroom and edit.

You’re obviously making some sacrifices at this lower price—the Homall’s armrests feel a little harsh and non-adjustable, and the material isn’t as soft or comfortable as you’ll find on more expensive chairs.

While its design is fairly standard for a gaming chair, you won’t get the sleeker aesthetic of a more premium seat, like the $359 Secretlab Omega or the $389 Vertagear Racing S-Line, both of which All by experts. If you want a softer chair that looks more office-friendly, you’re better off with the Steelcase Series 1 or the Alera Elusion Series.

But at this price, if you’re looking for your first gaming chair, or if you’re ready to stop working on hard kitchen stools that will almost certainly hurt your back, the Homall Gaming Chair is well worth considering. Seriously, it’s about time.

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