Thief stole Lana Del Rey’s laptop with unheard tracks and 200-page book manuscript | Ents & Art News

Lana Del Rey has revealed a laptop with songs from her upcoming album and a 200-page book manuscript stolen from her car in a smash and snatch.

This 37 year old singer Speaking to her followers in a deleted Instagram live video, her car was broken into on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles a few months ago.

The thieves smashed all the windows and stole a backpack containing her computer, multiple hard drives and a video camera.

She said: “One time I left my backpack in the car and someone broke all the windows and took it.

“I had to remotely wipe the computer with my 200-page book for Simon and Schuster – I don’t have a backup in the cloud.

“Still, people can still access my phone remotely and leak our songs and personal photos. I love this book that was lost with all my heart and put a lot of passion into it.

“I just want to mention that despite all this, I’m very confident in the record to come – despite so many safety factors on so many different levels. I really want to stick with it and give my best set the best record.”

The singer added that she is “confident” that the book and album will eventually be released, but that she does have to effectively “start over” both projects.

She went on to urge fans not to listen to the stolen records, saying: “If you hear the music, please don’t because it’s not out yet.”

“Obviously, I’ll never leave anything in the car again, even for a moment,” she added. “But we’ve had the same problem in the house, and it’s an ongoing thing. While I appreciate being able to share all the good stuff, I also want to share that it’s a challenge.”

The singer made her mainstream debut in 2012 with the album Born to Die, and released two albums last year, Blue Bannisters and Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

Unfortunately, being a victim of this type of crime is nothing new to Del Rey. property stolen During Christmas 2019.

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