Technology Innovation Hub brings news of over 200 tech jobs to Tahlequah

A new technology innovation hub is opening in Tahlequah, bringing more than 200 technology jobs.

Provalus’ fourth innovation centre, now in Tahlequah, has been working with Tahlequah Regional Development Authority board members since January. TRDA CEO Nathan Reed said the move would not have happened without Chairman Josh Hutchins, Dower Combs, Ward 3 Councilman Stephen Highers and TRDA board members.

“The Tahlequah Regional Development Authority is delighted to welcome Provalus to our community,” said Reed. “We are very pleased that Provalus has selected Tahlequah and thank them for considering and choosing our community to invest in. Over the next few years, they will bring more than 200 well-paying, stable jobs to downtown Tahlequah.”

Reed, Hutchins, Combs and Highers headed to Bruton, Alabama to recruit earlier this year, and Reed said all four of them were having trouble. Hutchins to learn more about Provalus and the people who work there.

“They have a beautiful facility there and we met with several of their team members, from the president/CEO of Provalus to several members of their team that serves specific clients. The way they do business and the people themselves I was very impressed,” Hutchins said.

After returning from Alabama, they began rallying stakeholders in the community with the goal of bringing Provalus to Tahlequah. Hutchins said the careers that Provalus will create will broaden Tahlequah’s underlying economy.

“Manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, etc. make up the underlying economy. Services and retailing are also very important, but fundamental economic work provides a solid foundation that enables retailing and services to grow and prosper,” he said.

Hoskin announced that CN is purchasing the 12,000-square-foot Foundry building and leasing it to TRDA for use by Provalus.

Provalus officials said Tahlequah stood out because of the strong partnership between its people and all entities.

“Our business is about collaboration, partnership and innovation. All the attributes that make our business successful are here. We look forward to working with the people of Tahlequah to impact the revitalization of this community,” said Will Ruzic, vice president of facilities at Provalus.

Combs said his focus is on bringing enterprise and high-paying jobs to Tahlequah.

“It also puts Tahlequah in the spotlight and brings attention to other companies looking to set up here,” he said. “It shows that Tahlequah is open to business and will continue to support our business community.”

The next step is hiring, which Reed says is the most important part of the process.

“They’re already giving people jobs and giving clients their first training sessions — they’ve got clients ready to go to the Oklahoma site — and on October 10, they’ll start their first training sessions, “He says.

Highers called it a “huge victory” for the community, due to the collective efforts of many in Tahlequah.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our community for Tahlequah and I hope this is the start of a larger effort to grow the Tahlequah economy,” Highers said.

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