Takeaways will enable virtual tasting by 2040, report predicts UK News

A report predicts that within the next 20 years we may be eating “hyper-personalized” diets that are “entirely tailored to your individual nutritional needs”.

It has been suggested that breathing through a smartphone can help determine what is healthy and that takeaways can be tasted virtually before ordering.

A report commissioned by Deliveroo says a technology called BreathTech could be developed to give people a “deep look” at the foods you should be eating.

Diets tailored to individual physiology will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), while a lifelong AI “buddy” will help automate and customize your diet.

Another suggestion is that virtual and augmented reality could be used to trick non-vegetable eaters into thinking they’re eating chocolate or candy.

If someone wants to cut down on alcohol, there may be “wine” liqueurs that mimic the taste and flavor of real wine.

glass of white wine
Higher quality expected for non-alcoholic wines

Alternatives to staples such as maize, such as amaranth, fonio, sorghum, teff, khorasan, einkorn and emmer wheat, are expected to become mainstream by 2040.

Another predicted trend is “edible beauty” products, which may include anti-aging ice cream and the opportunity to eat from a menu that balances hormones and boosts dopamine.

The report, titled Future of Snacking, also envisions virtual reality dinner parties that allow consumers to create dream scenarios, perhaps with celebrities in attendance.

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