Swans on train tracks keep rush hour commuters up for an hour | DayDayNews

Peak-hour trains were delayed by about an hour after a swan was spotted on the rail line on Monday morning.

The bird was spotted on rails in Staines, Surrey, about 8am, as it was stopping a train crossing the area to Ascot, Berkshire.

The Southwest Railroad’s Twitter account joked that “our own Sergeant Angel” handled the swan — a reference to the 2007 police comedy Hot Fuzz.

The movie has a scene where Simon Pegg’s character Nicholas Angel and his partner chase a fleeing swan across town.

Network Rail’s Wessex route posted an image on its Twitter account showing the animal in a bag.

“If you wander around on the railroad, you get The Bag,” it said.

Some of Stines’ affected passengers were not amused, with one tweet reading: “Trapped on the bridge between Stines and Egham because of ‘a swan sitting on the train tracks’… It’s been 50 minutes now. Can someone come and move the bird?”

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