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DAYTON — Neighbors at a Dayton business were not happy, accusing the shop owner of stacking piles of trash on his commercial property.

Charles Keydoszius’ company, Miami Valley Mowers, has been operating on Xenia Avenue for 28 years, but is now working with him, his neighbors, and the City of Dayton to protect his interests and ensure the piles of trash haulers don’t endanger anyone.

>> Photo: Xenia Ave. Business accused of littering

Leslie Sheward, president of the Twin Towers Community Association, said she and other residents brought their concerns to the city commissioner after their first failed attempt to use city-sponsored mediation last month. From a potential fire perspective, the property, which is next to Ruskin Elementary School, was both an eyesore and dangerous, they said.

“We’re still open to mediation, we’re not saying ‘It’s all up to you, now you have to clean it up,'” Sheward said.

City officials said they sent and posted zoning department subpoenas, and fire inspectors tried to contact business owners.

Press Centre 7 spoke with Keydoszius, who said he tried to reach out, but no one replied to him. He also said he would do mediation.

Keydoszius told News Center 7’s Mike Campbell that he thinks the city and the community are handling this in a harsh way.

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“It was very frustrating. I felt targeted,” he said. “I’m one of only a few businesses on the entire Xenia Avenue.”

Keydoszius said the past three years have been difficult for him. He lost a brother, his parents were in poor health, and COVID-19 shut down his business. He claims it puts him behind the eight-ball, but he doesn’t believe his three possessions or his business are in danger.

“Yes, some parts I know where they come from. I’ll take care of that,” Keydoszius said.

Keydoszius told CNN he plans to meet with Dayton Fire Department inspectors early next week.

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