Solo Stove Deals: Lowest Prices of the Year

We’re not ready to give up outdoor time if the temperatures drop — that’s where the Solo Stove’s incredible sales come into play. The company has huge discounts on all shapes and sizes of smokeless fire pits, patio heaters, and even its best-selling pizza oven, so you can stay warm and well-fed all winter long.

Right now, you can get up to 45% off fire pits and fire pit bundles, up to 35% off fire pit accessories like a new wraparound safety barrier, up to 30% off camping stoves, and more. All of these discounts mean it’s easier than ever to get a warm, toasty fire in the face of plummeting temperatures.

Solo Stove has stated that this is the lowest price of the year, so get ready for the cold season ahead by picking up our picks from the best deals below.

Gather as much as you want around Solo’s largest smokeless fire pit, thanks to this bundle that includes a huge campfire, and a stand to keep it away from the grass or the wooden patio below.

This stand lets you bring your Solo Stove (bonfire version) into the yard or deck – without worrying about flammable ground below.

This aluminum windshield won’t let gusty winds get in the way of your good time, and it will keep out gusts when you set the marshmallow in the perfect campfire gold shade.

Cook pizza in your backyard with Solo Stove’s pizza oven, the closest you can get to Italy without removing the Neapolitan pizza oven bricks piece by piece. Choose from wood or wood and gas options to get the crispy, chewy crust you want (and, frankly, deserve).

Because without all the heat of a campfire? Enter Solo’s Tower Patio Heater, your go-to for all your outdoor fun this season. It ships as Christmas approaches, but it’s worth the wait as it radiates warm heat.


This oversized Solo Stove is designed for parties, and the updated 2.0 version also has a super easy-to-clean gray tray.

Solo Stove Top

This compact tabletop Solo Stove shines because of its size—you can also choose from a variety of colors for this ultra-portable, still smoke-free campfire.

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