Small Business Saturday in San Diego

More holiday shoppers plan to visit stores on Small Business Saturday than Black Friday.

SAN DIEGO — Though seen as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday has quickly become popular.

Small Business Saturday, which encourages people to shop at independent retailers in their neighborhoods, set records last year with more than $23 billion in national sales.

More holiday shoppers plan to visit stores on Small Business Saturday than Black Friday, a new survey finds. That’s great news for stores like North Park’s Pigment, which has been participating in Small Business Saturday for years.

“It’s been fun to really feel like it’s gotten big in the last few years,” says Regina Moomjean, marketing director at Pigment, a North Park fixture with a loyal local following that offers hundreds of unique brands .

“We even have some of our own team members selling their own earrings and stuff here,” she added. “We sell a wide range of products.”

Small Business Saturday is all about being local.

Since 2010, it has encouraged people to skip major retail chains and instead shop in their own neighborhoods and patronize smaller — often family-owned businesses.

“We do prefer local businesses over big boxes,” said North Park resident David Prior. Along with his wife, Victoria Prill, and their children, Abigail and Sawyer, he pays special attention to small business events on Saturdays while shopping locally throughout the year.

“The more you can support your local businesses, I think that makes the economy healthier,” Victoria Prill told CBS 8.

In fact, economists have found that for every dollar spent at a locally owned business, approximately 70 cents remain local and reinvested in the community.

For national retailers, only about 40 cents remain in the neighborhood where the dollar is spent.

Moomjean added: “It’s so cool to give money back to the community.”

According to a recent survey, 63% of small retailers expect to see higher profits this holiday season.

Even rising inflation this year is weighing on consumers’ spending power, as the cost of making goods continues to climb.

“It’s certainly something we’ve seen,” Moomjean told CBS 8. “Some brands have more than others, but hopefully it’s something customers understand. We’re not going to raise prices unless absolutely necessary.”

Moomjean is excited about kicking off the “Super Bowl of Shopping” this coming Thanksgiving weekend.

“I like to party,” she added. “You’re exhausted, but it was a good party!”

Local communities and stores in San Diego participated in Saturday’s small business event:

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