Sir Keir Starmer warns AI could ‘exacerbate inequality and make some communities poorer’ | UK News

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer will warn that artificial intelligence (AI) could increase inequality and make some communities poorer.

In a presentation at the London Tech Week conference on Tuesday, Sir Keir It will be argued that while the UK has the opportunity to lead the world in new technology, it needs to partner with business for the “public good”.

He is expected to question whether the Prime Minister Rich Sunak Enough to cement the UK’s position as a world leader artificial intelligence.

The Opposition Leader is also expected to talk about the legacy of deindustrialization of recent decades, warning that as technology improves, the same mistakes cannot be repeated.

In his speech, Sir Keir will say, “Our nation is facing a choice about who will benefit from the enormous disruption that technology will wreak”.

“Whether it’s the people who already have wealth and power, or the startups trying to break in and disrupt industries, the patients trying to book an appointment with their GP, the worker using technology to enhance and improve their role.

“able [AI] Help build a society that includes everyone and narrows rather than widens inequality?

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“This moment requires labor Values, or working with businesses to advance technology for the public good and ensure people and places are not left behind. “

Speaking at the conference on Monday, Mr Sunak called for warnings against the “extreme risks” that artificial intelligence could pose.

Meanwhile, a report by the former Labor prime minister Tony Blair and ex Conservative Leader William Hague said the UK should set up a “national laboratory” to test artificial intelligence to be the “brain” of UK and international regulators.

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The former leader argued that a “radical adjustment”, including an overhaul of government institutions, was needed to deal with the “radically reshaped” society that technology promises to create.

The report, “New national goals: Artificial intelligence promises a UK-led world future”, recommends that national labs will work with the private sector and other countries to research and test the technology.

The lab’s five-year goal is to “form an international regulatory function in the AI ​​ecosystem,” the report said.

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The system needs to be “resourced with sufficient resources to operate at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence”, the paper says, citing the £1bn annual budget of similar AI research project DeepMind as a reference.

The report also concluded that the UK should join the US and other allies in pushing for a new UN emergency technology safeguards framework.

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