School of Science and Technology sets records

Some local students are about to start a very unique course. It deals with grains. Lots of grains.

The students over there at the Technological Institute have collected a lot of money.

That’s just over a thousand boxes of cereal. But they need your help.

They want to break the Guinness World Records. Because the most cereal boxes are knocked down like dominoes.

To do this, they needed more than 6,300 boxes of cereal. So what do students do? Return to story index.

“Students will set up boxes. To break the world record, we not only have to have the number of cereals, 6,392, all of them have to fall. If they don’t fall, if there is only one box, we have not broken the world record,” Ah Shton Sigler said.

Those boxes of cereal don’t go to waste. They will be donated to the Coastal Bend Food Bank.

If you want to help tech colleges.You can send a box of cereal at any of the four campuses in the city

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