School of Business and Leadership Publishes Inaugural Proceedings of Regent’s Research Roundtable

October 17, 2022

Virginia Beach, Va. (October 17, 2022) – Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership offers the 2021 Regent Research Roundtable Proceedings online for students, alumni and industry professionals.

Regent Research Roundtables Proceedings is a new platform that gives academics the opportunity to present rigorous empirical research to a group of trusted thought leaders. Experts then examine concepts, research and provide valuable feedback to move the work forward.

The Proceedings represent presentations at the School of Business and Leadership’s annual Research Roundtable, showcasing the work of students and scholars from around the world. The College of Business and Leadership has held the event for 19 years and this year has hosted 9 roundtables including Biblical Perspectives, Global Consulting, Human Resource Development, Kingdom Business, Professional Coaching, Servant Leadership, Strategic Vision, Transformative Innovation and the latest Added roundtables are followers.

“This tool connects Regent academics with senior industry leaders to help facilitate the discovery of new ideas,” said Dr. Kathleen Patterson, Director of the Doctoral Program in Strategic Leadership at Regent University. “Hearing new ideas is invaluable because it can change your thinking or inspire you to strengthen your existing positions.”

PhD. Patterson shares the editorial title for this project with Dr. Patterson. Dr. Regent’s director, Bruce E. Winston. Organizational leadership courses. Dr. Winston and Patterson also co-chaired the 2022 Research Roundtable.

Content currently available for review explores areas such as servant leadership, human resource development, strategic foresight, and global consulting affecting faith-based organizations, social racism, conflict management, leadership in a post-pandemic world, and more.

Click here to view your own 2021 Regents Research Roundtable Proceedings. The 2022 proceedings will be available in spring 2023.

About Regent University

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