Rishi Sunak meets tech bosses to discuss ‘existent’ AI risks | UK news

Rishi Sunak meets tech industry leaders to discuss the ‘existential threat’ artificial intelligence could pose.

this Prime Minister Today shares thoughts with the CEOs of OpenAI, Google DeepMind and Anthropic on how to manage technology as it becomes more complex.

Mr Sunak hailed artificial intelligence as “the defining technology of our time with the potential to positively transform humanity”, but also spoke of the risks it could pose.

These include disinformation and national security risks, as well as “existential threats”.

There have been such cases Fake images generated by artificial intelligenceAI photo mimicry, cloned music track and worry Technology can affect education.

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Some experts have even warned about powerful AI systems “Unable to control”.

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However, the meeting discussed how AI safety could become “an international endeavour” – as agreed at the G7 forum – and the prime minister wanted to position the UK as a leader in regulatory talks.

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Despite the concerns surrounding AI, the technology has made great strides in science and medicine, including a new test Development could help doctors diagnose heart attacks more quickly and accurately.

Mr Sunak spoke of AI’s potential to “deliver better outcomes for the British public and new opportunities to improve public services across a range of areas”.

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