Quad Cities Enterprise ‘Pictures’ Ahead at East Moline VFW

EAST MOLINE, IL (KWQC) — A Quad-Cities painting business launched a new initiative over the weekend to give veterans resources a facelift.

With many community organizations still struggling to recover from the pandemic, Flawless Finishing decided to “draw forward” at East Moline VFW.

VFW Post 8990 Bookkeeper and Auxiliary Treasury and secretary Diana Soliz contacted the company earlier this year for a quote to repaint the building’s exterior. That’s when the company realized the nonprofit was a good candidate for its first Paint it Forward project.

“We came out and we couldn’t believe the change,” Solitz said. “We got people to stop, like looking around the corner. We got people to drive around the building. It was shocking. It looked really good.”

The post ceased operations due to COVID and has only reopened for a little over a year. Commander Arthur Munos said the pandemic has also put many improvements on hold.

“If you have a dilapidated building, the perception may be less positive when you have a nice and clean building,” Munos said. “You may have a different attitude towards being able to find the help you’re looking for.”

In about two-and-a-half days, the painters can do the job, all for free. Owner Brandon DeRoo said he wanted to be a part of the community.

“It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I started the company,” DeRoo said. As a new business owner, not in the first few years… We’re in our third year and we’re trying to do something for the community. “

Lead painter Mike McCans said the quick work was worth it, especially since they were helping veterans.

“This is an urgent shift,” McCans said. “It just keeps everyone motivated…to keep morale and spirits up. Obviously, free food keeps them happy.”

Given the work VFW has done, Munos hopes the paint job will help continue the organization’s legacy in the community.

“The goal is to keep going,” Munos said. “To keep this building going, so that the legacy and VFW will continue to be an integral part of…the society we have.”

Now, with the paint job complete, VFW’s next list of improvements includes a resurfaced parking lot and a new accessible ramp into the building.

According to the organizers, Flawless Finishing already has a list of partners and potential winners for next year. They hope to donate a repainted facade each October.

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