President Xi Jinping urges improved national security, China warns of AI risks | Tech News

The Chinese Communist Party has issued a warning about the potential risks of artificial intelligence, a day after experts said it poses risks similar to nuclear war and pandemics.

hosted meeting President Xi Jinping Xinhua reported that it called for “full efforts to maintain political security and improve Internet data and artificial intelligence security governance.”

witty artificial intelligence The president moved quickly, urging officials to be “acutely aware of the complex and challenging situation facing national security.”

President Xi said China According to Xinhua, China needs a “new development model with a new security architecture” — an apparent reflection of concerns that artificial intelligence could be used for sabotage and espionage.

The risk of human extinction caused by the technology “should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war,” Artificial intelligence pioneers sounded the alarm this week.

boss behind the company Chat GPT and the head of Google’s artificial intelligence lab signed the open letter, as did several of the technology’s “godfathers.”

The director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Safety, which made the statement, told Sky News that human intelligence will eventually be surpassed by the power of artificial intelligence.

“It could put us in a more vulnerable position, where we could go the way of Neanderthals or gorillas,” Dan Hendricks said.

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AI may leave us vulnerable – Dan Hendrycks

Tesla boss Elon Musk joined another group of experts in March to Calls for a moratorium on the training of large language AI models – The type used by ChatGPT and similar chatbots.

The letter warns of “profound risks” and says robust systems should only be developed if it can be assured “their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable”.

The spread of disinformation, the loss of millions of jobs, and even existential threats are often cited as potential dangers if AI continues to advance at a rapid pace.

While still in its infancy, it has already garnered attention for its ability to create convincingly fake images and videos, as well as clone music tracks.

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Will this chatbot replace humans?

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The warning came despite China’s traditional laissez-faire approach to the development and use of new technologies.

An article in Foreign Affairs magazine this week warned that its “casual attitude toward technological risk, the government’s reckless ambitions and Beijing’s mismanagement of the crisis have all collided with the escalating dangers of artificial intelligence”.

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Many in the West criticize China for using tools such as facial and voice recognition – and even walking gait analysis – to monitor its population.

Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region are particularly subject to such surveillance, More than a million people detained in ‘re-education’ camps.

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