Phoenix Show of the Year

Damon Albarn thoroughly enjoyed connecting with fans in Phoenix on Monday night, smiling like a schoolboy as Gorillaz plunged into entertaining the crowd, from teens in Gorillaz shirts to fans in their 40s and 50s , all come together in a country under a groove.

Albarn lingered in the crowd a few times, threatening to skim three songs on “Tranz” and waving his hands in the air (as if he just didn’t care) with a look of pure excitement over “White Light.”

He donned a captain’s hat on the audience-favorite version of “19-2000” while leading a smile-inducing song “Get the cool/Get the cool shoeshine” and took a selfie with a fan’s phone (or possibly video) on “Cookie Island”.

That passion is not contagious.

It doesn’t hurt that Albarn happens to have one of the most versatile, unique, and emotionally charismatic voices of his generation, not just on Monday’s occasion, but especially in songs that play his more soulful instincts .

For full disclosure, Albarn has my favorite voice of any living singer. He put it to good use at the trail center.

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Gorillaz’s creative mix of rock and hip hop

Gorillaz headlines at the Center for Footprints in September.  February 26, 2022, Downtown Phoenix.

In what may be the most consistent creative duo of forward rock and hip-hop since the interactive start in the ’80s, Gorillaz gives Damon Albarn a surprisingly resilient tool to further expand his artistic horizons than he has managed under Blur’s helm. even better.

It’s a diverse mix of genres that blurs any artificial boundaries that exist between them, while giving Gorillaz a cultural currency in 2022, keeping the singer’s ’90s Brit pop veterans on the NME they are now Where? document.

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