Phoenix Police Foundation honors women in blue

The event honors the women the Phoenix Police Department has chosen to serve their communities.

PHOENIX — The fifth annual Women in Blue celebration was held earlier this week to honor the brave women who proudly wear their badges and serve their communities.

Presented by the Phoenix Police Foundation, the event highlights women in the force — from the latest hopefuls to veterans of the Phoenix Police Department.

Sandy Borbolla has a new ‘Up-and-Down’ award, but she’s eager to take on a bigger role within the department.

“I don’t want to cry anymore, but it’s definitely been a great honor and I’m grateful for the mentors I’ve had along the way. Once I’m 20 and a half years old, I plan to apply for oath, full-time police officer, and then I plan to wait a few more years, Then move up to homicide detective,” she said.

Borbolla and Lt. Sara Fields find inspiration in their work, even when tackling some of the most devastating crimes.

“I work with victims of sexual and domestic violence, so it supports my detectives so they can do their job and ensure that victims who come to our victim centres are treated with dignity and respect, and Ended up being treated well,” Lt. Fields said. “I think there’s a diverse group of women in law enforcement, we all come from different backgrounds, anyone can do the job, and we encourage them to do that.”

Timothy Thomas, president of the Phoenix Police Foundation, echoed a similar sentiment, proud of the women in blue.

“It’s important to acknowledge women in law enforcement, as the smaller percentage is changing and growing, they’re growing up and attracted to the field and being recognized for the great work they do,” he explained. explained.


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