Phoenix McLaughlin and Abbe Ramanan: As DA, Rabasco will ‘solve crime at its root’

The majority of crime in our community stems from addiction or mental health-related issues. However, our justice system’s basic response to any crime is to go to jail, not treatment for someone’s underlying problems.

As a result, the same person was arrested repeatedly. This is unfair to victims — and law enforcement — who are burdened with a system that fails to address the root causes of crime.

We need a district attorney who will use their office to get to the bottom of the crime problem. We believe Ed Rabasco Jr. is a candidate for this position.

Crime is complex and no one can solve all of them. But we believe that Ed’s public service record, 35 years of legal practice, and vision for how to improve prosecutions will enable Androscokin, Oxford and Franklin counties to build a better, safer future.

We will vote for him this November. 8.

Phoenix McLaughlin and Abella Manan, Lewiston

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