Our Favorite Product Releases of the Week: Material, Eddie Bauer, Hunter, and More

There are tons of great products coming out every week – and as always, we’re here to keep you updated on the best of them all. Every week, we put together a short list of our favorite products from the past 7 days for you to shop for your morning coffee or a quick break (trust, it’s the only list you’ll ever need to stay with the latest of these things).

This week, Material introduced new tableware and sheets, Eddie Bauer and Homme + Femme introduced hip-hop-inspired streetwear, and personalised Hunter boots.

Shop our favorite new releases below, but hurry up—they easily sell out.

Hand-blown (but sturdy) glass, plus napkins, etc.


We’d be happy to live in a material world like this: the brand just launched a new line of tablecloths and glassware that will gracefully set the scene for holiday dining and entertaining. The 100% Linen Linen Collection includes a set of four napkins, a set of two reversible placemats, and a 90″ x 60″ tablecloth. The tablecloths come in Mocha, Blue Grey, Sable and Cloud, while the placemats from the Jade/Blue Grey/Sand, Sienna/Mocha/Sage and Sand/Sable/Cloud trio are the perfect match.

Meanwhile, the hand-blown, extremely chic glassware comes in two sizes — full and half — and is sold in packs of four. Colorways include Haze (grey), Clear and Malachite (green). They’re designed for stacking, and while the borosilicate glass looks very delicate, it’s actually on the sturdy side and is very happy in the dishwasher. They’re also designed for spirits: According to the company, each size is designed around the “ideal ice cube.”

eddie bauer x homme and femme\

Eddie Bauer continues the related collaboration with his latest capsule collection: the collection with Homme + Femme. The outdoor outfitter has teamed up with the Los Angeles-based streetwear brand for a ‘Hyper Hiker’ collection inspired by ’90s hip-hop culture. From down jackets to socks, each piece is suitable for any gender in sizes XS to 3X.

Bears are more huggable than velvet

Amy Franzkiewicz

Bearaby’s extrudable stress knots come in three different sizes, depending on your stress relief needs – and now they’re also in velvet to match the very luxurious Velvet Napper. The smallest ones act like stress balls on your pressure points, the medium ones are great for relaxing hugs, and the newest ones are great for throwing on the couch.

Solo Stove and NASA uniform designers team up with Sturdy Blanket Company


Rumpl has had no shortage of great partnerships lately, with two more just hitting the site: one that takes you to the stars, and the other that connects you to the most mundane element—fire. The first collaboration was Rumpl’s Blanket with Oxcart Assembly, the creative partners behind NASA’s livestream uniforms, based on the upcoming launch, with an Artemis mission-inspired theme. It comes in three different styles: Original Puff Blanket Artemis, Original Puff Blanket NASA and Original Puff Cape Artemis.

Back on Earth, there’s also a new blanket from Rumpl in collaboration with Solo Stove, a NanoLoft flame blanket that will keep you warm and protected from breezes and any false campfire sparks. Best of all, it fits into a Nalgene-sized stuff bag.

gopro hero11 mini

GoPro just released its most compact model yet: the Hero11 Black Mini, which packs a lot of power into a small body. Priced at $300, it’s designed to be very easy to carry, install and navigate with one-touch controls. It performs best on high-action settings (the more airflow, the better the cooling), and it’s compatible with the GoPro Quik app, making it easy to create highlights of your latest adventures.



Away has recently launched some retro-inspired collaborations, and Y2K followed suit after the popular ’90s collection.This round sees bestsellers like The Carry-On in high-gloss pearl shades like Dotcom (pearl blue), Bling (pearl white) and Cyber​​​​ (pearl black), plus some luggage charms Zhu Ri The whole mood is up.

Hunter Boots Personalization

The white label on a Hunter boot is a defining part of its look, but now you can make it all your own: the brand now offers boot personalization for its Original Rain Boots when you order through hunterboots.com.

Add your name or other name – you can use a full eight characters per label per launch. After you decide what to say, the only task left is which shade to choose: one of the classic shades (black, hunter red) or a seasonal shade like olive leaf?

snowman over there

Available in 750ml ($25) and 1 liter ($28) sizes, Yeti’s latest plastic addition to its range of drinkers is designed to be “virtually indestructible,” whether you’re on the road or throwing things away a lot. Bottle The lid is also designed to be 100% leak-proof and has two sips: through the spout or through the wide mouth.

Wine red matte stand mixer, electric kettle, etc.

Beautiful Barrymore Merlot

Add a little dark glamour to your kitchen with the latest addition to her beautiful home collection by Drew Barrymore. The limited-edition Merlot Capsule collection comes in jam red in small countertop appliances like the 5.3-quart tilt stand mixer, 6-quart air fryer, and one-touch electric kettle, all of which you’ll want to showcase. also offer? A 2 quart cast iron heart Dutch oven, a 24 oz No Drippy Sippy and a 12 oz wine glass.

Made with rice protein to nourish and rejuvenate skin

Goshi Lotion and Body Wash


Pair your Goshi washcloths with the brand’s new body wash and lotion, formulated with a pH-balanced formula that promises to “nourish and feed everyone’s biome.” Ingredients include coconut, jojoba and shea butters, along with collagen-boosting and anti-inflammatory vitamins A, E and B, creating a pair of nourishing self-care products. We’ve been using face washes and lotions for a few weeks now and love the way they make our skin feel. Fair warning: The scent is soothing but strong and can be overwhelming for those with a sensitive sense of smell.

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