On dodging time: Apple will tweak iPhone’s autocorrect feature to change common spells | Tech News

Apple has announced that it will be upgrading its autocorrect feature so it will no longer change one of the most common swear words to the word “dodge.”

“For those moments when you just want to type the dodge word, the keyboard learns it too,” appleCraig Federighi, software director at .

The autocorrect feature on the iPhone’s keyboard has always had its quirks, and it can occasionally replace misspelled words with logic when texting, inadvertently changing the original meaning of a phrase or sentence.

This often leads to angry follow-up texts like “Damn autocorrect!” and more autocorrect profanity – leading to a vicious cycle.

“Skipping” substitutions have long been a source of frustration, depending on how many times it forces iPhone users to rewrite their own text.

However, iPhone users have always had the option to disable the autocorrect feature on their devices, allowing those who use foul words to express themselves freely without restriction.

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In addition to texting tweaks, Apple Inc broke into Meta’s metaverse party on Monday with a lot on the agenda, including
one Augmented reality headset called Vision Pro It’s the riskiest, riskiest bet since the iPhone was introduced more than a decade ago.

The Vision Pro is “the most advanced personal electronic device ever created”, which the US tech giant claims resembles a pair of ski goggles, while featuring a 23-megapixel glass screen covering the upper surface that can be seen through the wearer’s Eyes, hands and voice.

Apple earphones

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It will be available in the US early next year and in more countries later in 2024, starting at $3,499 (£2,811) – the most expensive headset in the currently dominant Meta range of mixed and virtual reality headsets. Headsets cost more than three times the nascent AR/VR market.

While Apple didn’t make any major announcements about generative AI products like ChatGPT or Google’s Bard search engine, the company did incorporate some minor features that leverage AI, such as real-time transcription of voicemails.

The company’s market valuation hit a record high of nearly $3 trillion on Monday. The iPhone’s market share clearly shows its strength, growing 280% over the past five years.

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