New Book Wins Entrepreneurship Business Book Award

New Book Wins Entrepreneurship Business Book Award

Cover courtesy of Mark Zweig

Mark Zweig’s Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business Recently named the 2022 Entrepreneur General Book Award Winner and a finalist in the Entrepreneurship category of the Goody Business Book Awards. The Goody Business Book Awards, sponsored by Goody PR, focus on books that have a positive social impact and help others.

Zweig served as Entrepreneurs Taught at the Sam M. Walton School of Business and taught entrepreneurship at the University of Arkansas for over 15 years.Zweig is currently Chairman, Northwest Arkansas, Vistage and is the founder of two company 500/5000 Companies, Zweig Group and Mark Zweig Inc.

“I wrote this book for anyone who owns their own business or is considering starting or buying a business. It’s not filled with clichés, buzzwords, and jargon like most other business books, but from the perspective of someone who’s already started has written, bought, sold multiple businesses, including two Inc 500/5000 companies, and has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners throughout his long career.”

Zweig provides readers with lessons learned from 50 years of professional experience and uses this wealth of experience to provide emerging and current entrepreneurs with practical, accessible guidance. The book’s strength is Zweig’s candid storytelling, offering insight into what owning and running a business should look and feel like.

As Michael J. Gelb, author How to Think Like Da Vinci and Innovate Like EdisonSay, “This book is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance For entrepreneurs. It’s filled with compelling, illuminating and inspiring stories from Zweig’s amazing career, shared with humility, grace and humor. This ‘simple wisdom’ is profound, practical and essential for all aspiring entrepreneurs. ”

Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors, also said, “[this book] Will help passionate entrepreneurs seize the right opportunities and avoid fatal mistakes. ”

The book has received media attention, including from Northwest Arkansas Business Journal and podcast.

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