New Air Filter Technology Installed on Some NYC School Buses

NEW YORK (PIX11) – As the world grapples with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and health are important considerations as people move around.

There are many new technologies that promise to protect people. Improved ventilation has become important in home, business and government operations.

Some school buses in Brooklyn and Queens are at the forefront. More than 100 Meir Transport-equipped buses in Brooklyn’s Mill Basin are equipped with new ventilation systems.

Aura Air is described as an all-in-one indoor air quality smart system. It has multi-stage filtration and disinfection. It also connects to Wi-Fi and creates a web dashboard with real-time information about air conditions.

Roei Friedberg is CEO of Aura Air Americas. “A crisis can tell us a few things. The company was founded before COVID-19 because we understood that the indoor environment was something we needed to address, monitor, track, oversee, decontaminate and sanitize,” Friedberg said.

The technology is used in 87 countries, including schools, hospitals, offices and public transportation.

Mr. Mier of the private bus company that owns the technology has adopted many new technologies to provide safe transportation for parents and schools.

Aura Air is working hard to expand in the New York area.

These sensors provide data on temperature, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels, and pathogens that may carry disease.

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