Netflix now lets you transfer your profile to a new account | Tech News

Rejoice, split couples, because you can now transfer your curated Netflix profile from one account to another.

This new feature is designed to help those with profiles on accounts owned by others, allowing you to keep personalized recommendations, viewing history, lists, and other settings when you start your own subscription.

“People move. Families grow. Relationships end,” he said. Netflixin a statement that matches the movie trailer’s voiceover.

“But during these life changes, your Netflix experience should stay the same.”

Netflix hopes the move will benefit its push Stop people from sharing passwordsas it tries to reverse declining subscriber numbers.

This year saw streaming giants Report a decrease in paid membership For the first time in over a decade.

From November 4th, Netflix will offer an ad-supported tier in the UK for the first time.plan Costs £4.99 per monthIndicates that commercials will run before and during movies and shows.

How to transfer personal data

While the feature started rolling out this week, you’ll receive an email when it’s available in your account.

Then you need to launch Netflix, hover over the profile icon in the dropdown menu on the home page, and select the profile transfer option.

Then, the instructions will guide you through the process.

The launch comes after months of testing in South America, and hopefully the wider rollout will go well.

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