Milford’s Vancord specializes in commercial cybersecurity

Milford – TBNG Consulting relocated from West Haven to Milford in 2015, ten years after its establishment. Now, after renaming and reopening as Vancord, the company has opted to stay in the city.

“At the time (2015), we were known as TBNG Consulting, and since then, in 2019, we have launched a new division called Vancord, primarily focused on cybersecurity consulting,” said Vancord President and CEO Michael Grande. “TBNG is primarily an IT consulting service, while Vancord is primarily focused on cybersecurity.”

Over time, the business started to expand. In 2021, Grande said they’re working with many of the same customers, a lot of engineering people are working on similar issues, and there’s a lot of internal collaboration.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to rebrand the entire company, rather than having individual divisions, rather than one brand moving forward,” he said.

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