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2022 Midterm Election Guide

Senate Race Rating

Using internal elections and Nathan L. Gonzales’ racial ratings for Senate seats, CNN’s Elections Center, which provides nonpartisan analysis of Senate, House and Governor’s campaigns. This year, 35 of the 100 Senate seats are on the ballot.

house match ratings

Using in-house elections with Nathan L. Gonzales’ racial ratings for all 435 House seats, CNN’s Election Center provides nonpartisan analysis of Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns. Every two years, all 435 House seats are voted on. Democrats currently control 220 of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, while Republicans control 212 seats with three vacancies.

my election

Select the races you want to follow, and when the election results start appearing, you can view the results of the races you follow on the CNN Elections Center.

Mail-in Ballot Voting Deadline

CNN has collected deadlines for early in-person voting, absentee/mail-in voting and voter registration for each of the 50 states prior to Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 11. 8. Send us your story about the voting issue.

debate points

primary election results

Explore the 2022 primary election results. Read the seven takeaways from the first season.


Update on proposed congressional maps — and whether they might benefit Democrats or Republicans in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

Latest redistricting news

CNN Poll: Tracking the race for control of the U.S. House of Representatives

Before U.S. congressional elections, polls often ask voters which party’s candidate they would support in their House district, a question sometimes referred to as the “ordinary vote.” The CNN Poll measures the average of these results through a nonpartisan national survey that meets CNN standards. Universal vote polls provide a view of the overall political environment, but because members of Congress are elected from individual districts, parties’ shares of support in such national polls may not be directly related to the number of seats they win in the U.S. House of Representatives . A close divide in general vote preference usually heralds a Republican victory in the House.View general ballot votes over time

ordinary vote

CNN poll





Date range: 10/24-11/02

*CNN polling aggregated and averaged some recent polls. The latest polls include The Washington Post/ABC (10/30-11/02), CNN (10/26-10/31), NPR/PBS/Marist (10/24-10/27), CBS/YouGov ( 10/26-10/28).

CNN Poll: Biden Poll Tracker

The average of recent polls can often provide a more reliable picture of the public’s perception of the president than a single poll. The CNN poll tracks President Joe Biden’s average approval and disapproval ratings in national opinion polls. It includes the latest results on the issue, which meet CNN’s reporting standards and measure the views of all American adults. CNN Poll of Polls has no margin of sampling error.See Biden’s approval ratings over time

Latest Biden approval ratings

CNN poll





Date range: 10/13-11/02

*CNN polling aggregated and averaged some recent polls. The latest polls include The Washington Post/ABC News (10/30-11/02), Reuters/Ipsos (10/31-11/01), Quinnipiac University (10/26-10/ 30), CNN (10/26-10/31), NPR/PBS/Marist (10/24-10/27), Monmouth University (10/13-10/17).

Voting Rights: Expansion and Expansion Limits

Many states changed their voting rules ahead of the midterm elections.

election deniers

An early look at 2024

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