Michigan Sports Business Conference Talks to Kinesiology Academy

The 11th annual Michigan Sports Business Conference kicked off Friday in the atrium of the Kinesiology Academy. Originally founded by students in 2012, the conference aims to give students an insight into the changing landscape of sports media and entertainment.

Jack Moore, MSBC Senior Partner Account Manager and Senior Manager Kinesiology, commented on the theme of this year’s conference, “The Ball is in Your Court.” Moore said the campaign was designed to help students feel empowered to find active roles in the industry.

“What do I want it to look like? Where will I see myself in 10 years?” Moore said. “Our transition to ‘the ball is in your court’ this year has added to the idea that your future is really in your hands and that students can really come here and learn more about the industry, with our Recruiting partners to talk to (and) network with industry professionals in roles they aspire to one day eventually strive for.”

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