MI6 boss believes AI won’t replace Spear Tech News

Human intelligence will not be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), even if machines make information “infinitely accessible”, the head of Britain’s foreign intelligence service MI6 has said.

SIS chief Sir Richard Moore will make a rare public speech during a visit to Prague on Wednesday.

In addition to focusing on the “human element” in espionage, he will talk about Russia’s War in Ukraine and Iran supports President Vladimir Putin’s efforts in conflict.

Sir Richard will also cover reports of Russia’s attempts to gain influence in Africa.

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AI can’t match ‘unique’ human agents

On artificial intelligence, the spy chief will comment on whether computers could bankrupt human intelligence-gathering organizations like MI6.

“In fact, the opposite may be the case. If AI scours the seas of open source, there will be greater value in landing a well-cast fly on secrets beyond its web’s reach,” he will say.

“In the right place, the unique characteristics of human agents will become even more important.”

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Machines will improve at ‘breathtaking speed’

Sir Richard will add: “They are much more than passive information gatherers: our agents can be tasked and directed; they can identify new questions that we didn’t know to ask; and sometimes they can influence government or terrorist organisations. decision.

“Human intelligence in the age of artificial intelligence will increasingly be defined as what machines cannot do, although we should expect the frontiers of machine capabilities to advance at breakneck speed.”

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