Mayweather thinks problem children will be ‘destroyed’ by world-class boxer Canalio, Jake Paul hits back

Jack Paul ‘Problem children’ are getting ready to unbox Anderson “Spider” Silva Oct. 29 at the Gila River Arena in Phoenix.

what happened: Paul resurfaced in Betr’s Twitter post, saying: “I promise you, if I fight Canelo someday – if he’s stupid enough to play with me – I’ll beat his ass.”

Floyd Mayweather Analyze Paul’s impact on boxing and his abilities on “TMZ Sports”.

In the interview, Mayweather mentioned that what Paul has done for the sport is good, although once he punches with a real fighter, “it’s not good.”

The reason why Mayweather likes Jake Paul is because he is selling plays and making money.

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Why it matters: As problem children continue to fight YouTubers and MMA fighters in boxing, Mayweather added that when it comes to real boxers, things may be heading south.

When asked about Paul Boxing Canelo AlvarezMayweather said, “He’s going to be screwed by Canelo,” adding, “He’s going to be demolished.”

Still, Mayweather acknowledged what the Paul brothers have done for boxing and said he is “proud” and will continue to “glow” if problem children continue to box for non-professionals.

Having said that, Mayweather said he would fight Paul at his current weight, but Paul refused.

Paul responded to a tweet Saturday challenging Mayweather.

His brother Logan Paul faces Mayweather in June 2021. The exhibition match ended with no winner announced.

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