Martin Lewis warns of ‘terrible’ scam video generated by AI UK News UK

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has warned that new scam ads generated by artificial intelligence for investing apps will cost vulnerable people money and ruin their lives.

The ad reportedly circulated online Facebookseems to indicate that Mr. Lewis agrees Elon Musk– Supported investment schemes while appearing at his home on an episode of the daytime show This Morning.

In an online video, Mr Lewis appeared to say that Musk’s new project “opens up new opportunities for British citizens”.

In response, Mr. Lewis stated that using deep fake technology Copying his face and voice was used to “distort and damage” his reputation in order to scam people online.

“This is horrible, the first deepfake video hoax I’ve seen in it,” he tweeted.

“Governments and regulators must step up to stop Big Tech from releasing such dangerous fakes. People will lose money and lives will be ruined.”

He said it was the first time he was involved in such video scams.

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Mr Lewis added in an interview with the BBC: “These people are trying to distort and damage my reputation in order to steal money from vulnerable people and frankly it’s disgraceful, people will lose money and people’s mental health will suffer. Influence.” Pretentious. “

He stressed that more needs to be done to regulate scam advertising and protect victims of financial crime.

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“Vulnerable and many non-vulnerable people in this country have been lied to and yet the government is doing nothing about it,” he said.

He said there were currently no “appropriate” fines for big tech companies that were paid to publish criminal advertisements.

The company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – Yuan – We are working with Stop Scams UK to help victims as soon as scams are discovered and stop the scams at source.

The company said it was investigating after users were shown videos involving Mr Lewis on Facebook.

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