LIVE UPDATE: Jury decides that Alex Jones should pay Sandy Hook family damages


Erikala Ferty, the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hawkes Pullen, who was killed in the school shooting, told reporters on Wednesday that the verdict against Alex Jones was a moment “years in the making.”

Rafferty recounted how difficult it was for her and her family to deal with the threats posed by the Jones-led conspiracy theory.

“Alex Jones was standing here giving a press conference when I was upstairs testifying about the rape threats sent to me. After nearly a decade of threats and messages from Jones-led conspiracy theorists, this is a brewing Years of moments,” she said.

Rafferty went on to say how much she wished she would have called her mother to tell her about the verdict and the years leading up to it.

“At this big moment, like every big moment since filming, I wish I could call my mum and tell her about it. I’ll tell her to see Alex Jones outside with the media The horror of going to court together, right here. His words are unfiltered about the disappointment of many news outlets who have known us since the 12-14. So many families share the stories of their slain loved ones, relive the shooting Heartbroken. But I also wanted to tell her some highlights. News stations like NBC Connecticut refused to provide a platform for dangerous conspiracy theorists throughout the trial, and I thank them. The jury bravely witnessed our pain and went through hours testimonies they will never forget,” she said.

Then Rafferty thanked those who had been by my side throughout the trial…you were my signpost and a shining light in all of this, and I am grateful for your compassion, extreme expertise and friendship . I wish I could tell my mom all this. I wish I could tell her a lot about what could have happened since she was murdered. Mainly because I will never stop missing her. ”

She added that while she wishes to put this chapter of her life behind her, she and her family know that Jones’ actions have left a stain on their lives.

“I hope that after today, I can be a daughter who grieves her mother and stops worrying that conspiracy theorists will threaten me or worse. But I know this is not the end of Alex Jones in my life. I know his hatred, his hatred, lies and conspiracy theories will be with me and my family for the rest of our time. But I’m also hopeful about what happened here today. It may save other families from suffering A high-profile tragedy in a cycle of abuse and retraumatization as we just try to get through the toughest days, weeks and years of our lives,” Rafferty said.

She continued: “I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for the message I’m sending here today. The truth matters. And those who profit from the pain and trauma of others will pay for what they do. The world will There will be more Alex Jones, but what they have learned here today is that they will absolutely be held accountable.”

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