Last Chance: New York State Cannabis Business Leaders Speak and Network at Major Event – Agenda, Topics, Ticket Information

NY Cannabis Insider Live, hosted by the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association, will host a half-day professional cannabis industry conference on Friday, September 2 from 1:00-6:00 pm. 23 on the Syracuse railroad line. A social and cocktail reception will follow. A very limited number of tickets can still be purchased.

Join cannabis business owners and other industry professionals for an afternoon of actionable industry insights from thought leaders. There will be plenty of social time to connect with others working in the cannabis field. See the full list of panel speakers and topics here.

Scheduled for a half-day event in September. 23. Participants can expect to hear lively and informative dialogues around the following topics:

· essentials: Recruitment, Banking, Insurance and Security: Experts will discuss the key elements of planning a successful cannabis business: hiring a culture of compliance, navigating banking and insurance in an industry where these services are not readily available, and planning for security beyond cameras and alarms.

· Understanding Upstream: Breeders, Processors and Laboratories: This session will focus on the beginning of the supply chain: how do you start growing, processing or laboratory operations? What does this “upstream” landscape look like today, what are the biggest issues affecting these businesses, and what does this bode for the future of the New York cannabis market?

· Where can I help? Free low-cost resources for cannabis entrepreneurs: Starting a new business can be an expensive undertaking, but there are tons of people and organizations that can get low-cost help for free — if you can find them. Panelists will discuss these opportunities in New York and offer expert advice on minimizing start-up costs.

NY Cannabis Insider has curated New York State’s top industry professionals to speak on the following topics:

  • Elizabeth Ely or dutch
  • Mike Golden or higher calling
  • Mike Huber or beak and dinghy
  • Sean Casner or Kaycha Labs
  • Aaron Borrower or UNIFI Garden
  • Cheryl Murray Powell or the JUSTÜS Foundation
  • Dave Myers or Cannaspire
  • Katie Down or lantern
  • Cecilia Walsh or the New York State Department.or labor

Space is limited and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Click here for more details and to purchase tickets.

Industry professionals, lobbyists, and entrepreneurs looking to start their own cannabis business, as well as those from cannabis-related businesses, attended the New York Cannabis Insider Live event, such as legal, security, retail, banking, finance, construction, engineering, business consulting, and medicine expertise.

New York Cannabis Insider Live: Event Sponsors and Vendors

The sponsors and partners of the NY Cannabis Insider Live event are businesses that are shaping the industry locally and regionally. Look for them at events for advice and help with your cannabis business.

· The New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association is the sponsor of the conference with a mission to protect and serve patients in New York’s medical cannabis program while collaborating to build a responsible, inclusive and competitive adult-use cannabis program.

Cannaspire provides the products, services and consulting business owners need to succeed in the cannabis industry, from application to scaling.

The Syracuse University School of Professional Studies is a global, inclusive and future-oriented college that provides opportunities for diverse students and learners from anywhere in the world seeking a Syracuse University degree, certificate, certificate or educational experience.

· The Cannabis Workforce Initiative is a collaboration between Cornell University’s New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Workforce Development Institute. Its mission is to promote and support social equity in the adult cannabis market by providing quality workforce development and legal education.

LakeHouse Cannabis wants to end complex social stigma and make cannabis accessible by providing an enhanced recreational experience as an adult-use retail dispensary.

Chimera Integrations provides scalable, future-proof security and IoT solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of all levels of the cannabis supply chain, from cultivation, processing, distribution and retail.

NYSIF’s mission is to assure New York employers of workers’ compensation and disability insurance at the lowest possible cost while maintaining a solvency fund.

LaToya Monique LLC is a New York State licensed cannabis retailer, health specialist and LifeSpan Doula.

Married Iguana Media creates content for all your cannabis branding needs

Cova: Easy-to-use compatible cannabis software that simplifies dispensary management.

Dutchie: Order cannabis online from the best dispensaries near you.

While sponsorships for this event are sold out, we are still looking for sponsors for our in-person meeting in Tarrytown on November 4th. For more information, please contact event specialist Lindsay Wickham.

As entrepreneurs and cannabis professionals are preparing to move forward in the multi-billion dollar legal weed industry, the New York Cannabis Insider Live event allows attendees to learn about regulations, network, build teams and foundations, and prepare business plans.

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