La Jolla Business Roundup: New ventures focus on fashion, food, facial health and more

The La Jolla business world is changing. Several new businesses have either opened recently or are scheduled to open in the coming days or weeks. In addition, a major hotel has new ownership, a large supermarket has a new name, and a long-established restaurant is celebrating a major anniversary.

Recently opened

Well Aesthetics

La Jolla resident Phoebe Guymer recently opened The Well Aesthetics at 8th Harmony Leisure Centre at 7818 Ivanhoe Ave. in the village.

“Skin is my focus,” says Gamer. “I work on the skin and the skin to maintain balance, resulting in glowing skin.”

“We look at the skin’s microbiome, and instead of trying to peel it off, we build it up and work with the lymphatic system,” she added. “We used a machine to move the lymphatic system by mimicking the pulse.”

For clients with issues such as hormonal acne, tension headaches or jaw joint dysfunction, Guymer implements an oral facial massage that works on the facial muscles. “If you do the whole series, it’s like a non-surgical facelift,” she said.

Guymer can be reached at (858) 262-9727 or through

the agency

Global boutique real estate brokerage The Agency opened its first office in San Diego in October. 10 at 1025 Prospect St., La Jolla.

With brands featured on international television shows such as “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the agency has grown into more than 60 company-owned and franchised offices around the world.

“The La Jolla office is unparalleled, providing not only a great location for agents, but also near-constant foot traffic and support staff dedicated to promoting their success every day,” said Mike Schwartz, Regional Manager. Great opportunity to modernize the office.”

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Opening in November

Upcoming new businesses include:

Whiskey and Leather

A whisky and leather boutique will open at 7884 Girard Ave. Saturday, November 5.

A whisky and leather boutique will open at 7884 Girard Ave. Saturday, November 5.

(Ariel Huhar)

The Whiskey & Leather boutique will open its third location on Saturday 11th November. 5, 7884 Girard Ave. In La Jolla, join stores in Santa Barbara and Del Mar.

Open from 10am to 6pm, the store will be offering a 15% discount, plus gift bags.

The men’s and women’s store, owned by area resident Ariel Hujar, offers staples like jeans and T-shirts, as well as hats and brightly colored tops. It also hosts private events, sometimes including whisky tastings, although the La Jolla store doesn’t offer whisky.

“Seven years ago, my best friend and I opened a Santa Barbara,” Hujar said. “We were all tomboys and wanted to provide a place to buy clothes with this aesthetic. We also wanted something gender-neutral to attract men in.”

“There’s something for everyone,” Hujar says, including brands and styles that rotate seasonally. When La Jolla opens, a winter cashmere collection will be launched.

“I love the area and always have a shop in the area where I live,” she said. “Also, La Jolla needs another boutique.”

In addition to clothing, Whiskey & Leather also sells antiques, decorations and other household know more information Whiskey Leather Net.

Mamak’s Custom Cut

After 10 years in La Jolla, Mamak Bahrami will open Custom Tailoring in Mamak on Sunday 11th November. 6, at 920 Crane Street.

The company will provide bespoke remakes of men’s and women’s clothing, from suits to prom dresses, with most of the work done within 24 hours.

“I went to tailoring school in Iran and here [in the United States]Bahrami said. “It’s my love and hobby; it’s everything. I love sewing and the response of my clients.”

In addition to her handicrafts, Bahrami also has a clothing catalog from which customers can buy items for her to tailor.

A grand opening celebration is planned for November 2-5. 6 with food. Normal hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 6 pm. For more information, please call (858) 480-6674.

classic burger

The Classic Burger is scheduled to open at 615 Pearl Street in mid-November.

As the name suggests, chef Perez Segura Jr says customers can eat a burger that lets the “ingredients shine” without frills.

“There won’t be truffles from France, just a nice consistent burger,” Segura said. “We wanted to make big, tall flavors with simple ingredients.”

But with a background in fine dining, Segura couldn’t resist adding something a little different. For example, instead of simply using red onions, he makes red onion sauce for some of his creations. “It brings out the sweetness of the onion and adds a little sourness to the burger,” he said.

Segura grew up under the tutelage of her grandfather and started cooking dinner for the family at the age of 8. He later went to culinary school and wandered around fine dining restaurants in San Diego.

“Fine restaurants are great, but the effort put into these dishes is astronomical,” he said. “Food can be simple but bold. I like simplicity.”


The 376-room San Diego Marriott La Jolla reportedly sold for $187.6 million.

The 376-room San Diego Marriott La Jolla reportedly sold for $187.6 million.

(supporting role)

The 376-room San Diego Marriott La Jolla, built in 1985, was recently sold for $187.6 million as part of a multibillion-dollar portfolio sale to a global asset manager.

The hotel at 4240 La Jolla Village Drive last changed hands in 2016, when Carey Watermark Investors bought it for $131 million. The real estate investment trust, now known as Watermark Lodging Trust, agreed in May to be acquired by Brookfield Asset Management for $3.8 billion. Watermark’s portfolio of 25 hotels, now owned by Brookfield, has more than 8,100 rooms.

Commercial real estate firm CoStar reports that Marriott La Jolla is estimated to sell for nearly $188 million, or about $500,000 per room. By comparison, the 416-room Hyatt Regency La Jolla in Aventine sold in August for $216 million, or more than $518,000 per room. — San Diego Union-Tribune


Jose’s Court will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Saturday, November 11th with a “50’s era” party. 5. The festivities run from 11 a.m. to closing at 1037 Prospect St. and include specialty drinks, mariachi bands during the day, and DJs at night.

Jose’s has been owned by Tigg Mitchell since the summer of 2007. Chef Jose Rodriguez (not the restaurant’s namesake) has been in the kitchen for the past 35 years.


After more than six months of preparation, the Vons supermarket in La Jolla, 7544 Girard Ave. Converted to a similar but more upscale Pavilions brand.

Courtney Carranza, director of communications and public affairs for Vons Southern California, previously said: “We will offer more organic produce options, slaughterhouses featuring Wagyu beef and dry-aged beef, wine cellars and specialty cheese selections.” told La Jolla Light.

Vons and Pavilions are owned by Albertsons know more information Fonsnet. ◆

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