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Sir Keir Starmer has revealed he received ChatGPT lessons from his son as the Labor leader began to grasp the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

Speaking at London Tech Week, Sir Keir He said he was “very appalled” by the rapid change in the industry, which could present “incredible opportunities” to modernize the NHS.

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He gave the example of radiologists using AI to detect cancer as an example of how AI can help healthcare delivery.

But he said the technology could also have a transformative effect on the job market — and not necessarily for the better.

“Some of the work done by humans today will almost certainly be done by AI,” he warned. Risks widening inequality between richest and poorest.

“Government is right to focus on AI, but there is still a long way to go in terms of regulation – a smarter discussion about jobs is crucial.”

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“ChatGPT will be a big part of my son’s life”

As well as the threat to jobs, Sir Keir said AI could be used to spread misinformation.

While generative AIs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have impressed users with their ability to write essays and pass exams, they have also been shown to have the potential to inherit bias and confidently write falsehoods.

Sir Keir joked that most of his exposure to ChatGPT was through his children.

“I have a master class on ChatGPT almost every day because I have a 14-year-old son who has been watching it and showing me what it’s capable of,” he said.

“It’s something he finds very interesting – and will be a big part of his life.”

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UK pushes for AI leadership

A report by the former Labor prime minister ahead of Sir Keir’s appearance at London Tech Week Tony Blair and ex Conservative Leader William Hague suggested the UK could build a “national laboratory” to test artificial intelligence to become the “brain” of UK and international regulators.

The report, “New national goals: Artificial intelligence promises a UK-led world future”, recommends that national labs will work with the private sector and other countries to research and test the technology.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks at tech event on Mondaywhere he reinforced his desire to make the UK a global hub for the development and regulation of artificial intelligence.

he recently With bosses of US tech giants including Google and ChatGPT creator OpenAI Discuss the sudden explosion of AI applications across the economy.

The government also announced the UK would host a global conference in the autumn to discuss regulatory “guardrails” that would mitigate risks to the technology’s future, which Mr Sunak linked to COP climate summit.

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