Indium uses MVCC ‘FABLab’ to develop new 3D printing technology education

MVCC and Indium Corporation have formed a partnership to develop new 3-D printing technology using the Institute’s Manufacturing Lab.

Utica, NY — Indium Corporation has partnered with Mohawk Valley Community College to develop new technologies using its manufacturing lab.

The Academy’s “FABLab” enables the company to invent entirely new, patentable 3D printing technologies using its facilities and equipment.

“At Indium Corporation, we partner with colleges and universities around the world to help us develop cutting-edge innovative materials solutions that support future technologies,” said Ross Berntson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Indium Corporation. Laying a solid foundation while giving students the opportunity to become leaders and innovators. We thank MVCC for their support throughout the development phase of this exciting new product.”

MVCC’s FABLab is part of MIT’s global network of high-tech manufacturing equipment and tools.

Indium Corporation supplies materials to the global microelectronics and semiconductor markets.

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