Hillsdale businesses desperate to unload batches of hand sanitizer

Hillsdale, Michigan – a warehouse hillsdale Filled with hundreds of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners. The most striking thing about this situation is that they want to give it away for free.

The 98,000-square-foot warehouse belongs to Drew Homovec, who Detroit

“In the factory, we have 27 trucks,” Homovec said. “A truck has 24-26 pallets.”

Outside the factory, Homovec also has three trucks from a charity that needs warehouse space between Detroit and Chicago.

“It started talking about 200 boxes, split into two trucks, and then it became two trucks a day,” Homovec said.

The charity defaulted on its storage contract, leaving Homovec in a hurry, considering that 250,000 gallons of liquid is enough to fill nearly half an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Its alcohol content is between 70% and 80%.

“It’s way beyond my fire suppression system and everything else, so we need to get rid of it,” Homovec said. “I have the right to find a home for it and technically give it away.”

The most troublesome for the fire department were the three trucks outside the building. They need to disappear in less than two weeks.

“Whether it’s a hospital, school, nursing home, or veterinary clinic, I don’t know who can use it, but the goal is to find the people who need it,” Homovec said.

You can’t pour liquids down the drain; they have to be disposed of properly.So Homovec has set up an email for anyone who wants to get a reachable sanitizer truck Gentlemen

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