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James Fogerty bites into one of his waffles in his kitchen. He really enjoyed it.

James Fogerty took a bite of his waffle in the kitchen. His fusion waffles include dishes like spicy chicken, sliced ​​bananas, and ribs.

At the Trinidad Waffle Company, waffles aren’t just for maple syrup or breakfast.

“The waffle iron is a technology with multiple planes – the grid creates more surface area than the planes, while the nooks and crannies create the perfect pockets for caramelization to happen,” Opens Waffles James Fogarty of Trinidad said he was shopping two months ago.

James serves fusion-style waffles, including spicy chicken, banana slices, and smoked local ribs, served with twice-baked potato waffles. With an extensive background in fine dining – he has worked under a two-Michelin-starred chef – his goal is to create culinary masterpieces and revolutionize the way waffles are enjoyed.

Close up of waffles on kitchen counter. James Fogerty is visible in the background as he adds toppings. To help realize his vision, he attended a Startup to Scaleup workshop last year in town. Although he describes himself as a “go-to guy,” he has gained some valuable experience that he can apply to his business.

And he seems to be on the right track: Just a few months later, most of his business is driven by repeat customers. He plans to expand into event catering and use the space as an incubation kitchen to supply mobile, satellite waffle stands and off-site pop-ups.

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