Elon University / Today at Elon / CNN Business article on Meta’s “metaverse dream” featuring Janna Anderson

Anderson, a journalism professor and executive director of the Imagining the Internet Center, weighed in on Meta’s lack of progress in making the Metaverse a reality over the past year.

A new report from CNN examines the progress Facebook parent company Meta has made over the past year in making the metaverse an integral part of everyday life, including insights from Janna Anderson, professor of journalism and executive director of Imaging the Internet Center .

Elon in news image with CNN captionIt’s been a year since Facebook changed its name to Facebook, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at a virtual reality event that the company is pinning its hopes on creating a future version of the internet called Metaverse.

CNN business reporters Rachel Metz and Clare Duffy noted that a year after the announcement, the “metaverse dream” seems as far away as it was when it was announced.

“In terms of fast-twitching, giving me more of the public, the progress I’ve seen so far has been disappointing,” Anderson told reporters. “Meta has been greatly ridiculed on social media and in the public zeitgeist in general.”

The full text is available on CNN Business.

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