Edinburgh business expansion to boost economy

EDINBURGH, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Several businesses are expected to expand into the North Industrial Park, which will open up several jobs while providing a major boost to the economy.

“There will be many breakthroughs in the next few years,” said Dan Diaz MP for Edinburgh, Place 1.

The ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Home of the Future’ signs are already a reality for many new businesses expanding into Edinburgh.

City council members have approved several contracts that will expand to the northern industrial park, which leaders say will create economic growth while creating nearly 600 jobs.

“All of these employees will have a place to eat, put petrol, some may even move to Edinburgh City to build houses, and the ripple effect of expansion is endless,” Diaz said.

This resulted in the sale of a total of 36 acres of land to these businesses so that they could build new properties.

City leaders say the sale will enable these businesses to offer a variety of services, including retail, product distribution and even commercial space.

Councilman Dan Diaz said the city will also prepare for the future so that more businesses that want to expand have the opportunity to do so.

“This industrial park, once we see it, we’re looking for another area to open up another industrial park, and the long list of businesses trying to get into North Edinburgh, shows what we need to do for and for our next industrial park Get ready,” Diaz said.

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