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London – Daniel Marks, who Leaving ScienceMagic.Inc in July, is using 3 years of work experience in PR and communications to start his own business called Townhouse Consultancy Ltd.

His plan is to work closely with a small group of high-profile creative entrepreneurs, and his focus will be on “communication strategy and global image building”. He also plans to develop philanthropic platforms and partnerships for them.

“These are people who have extraordinary influence, charisma and real impact. Our role will be to use their image for the greater good,” Marks said.

In an interview, Max was tight-lipped about his clients — he declined to name them — and said much of his work would be done behind the scenes. He said Townhouse would not post anything about its work on social media or talk about clients in the media.

The new business is a natural extension of what he has done over the past 30 years, Max said.

“I think it’s been at the heart of my entire career. My favorite thing is taking care of people I respect and love, being with these extraordinary creatives and helping them understand the ‘why’ of what they do. I hope They celebrate who they are as individuals,” he said.

Max described his new role as “guardianship, helping people make good decisions”. He added that many successful creatives “have this kind of appeal, but I don’t think it’s necessarily always leveraged in the right way.”

Marks started his PR career in the 90’s with an agency in London before moving to Milan to work for Donatella Versace.

Before joining The Communications Store in 2002 as partner and director, he was head of European PR for Tommy Hilfiger. There he worked for numerous brands including Versace, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany, Net-a-porter, Christopher Kane, Erdem and Bottega Veneta.

He continued to work on this after TCS was relaunched as ScienceMagic.Inc. As reported last month, Max stepped down from his latest role as chief engagement officer, partner and director of ScienceMagic.Inc., although he remains a shareholder in the company.

Although Max remained mum about his new client list, his former clients were quick to endorse him.

Tommy Hilfiger describes Marks as “the consummate professional” and says they have worked closely together for many years after he first introduced the Tommy Hilfiger brand to Europe. “Daniel has an incredible network of people who admire and respect him. I’m sure he will have great success in his new venture,” Hilfiger said.

Donatella Versace stated that Max “was very loyal and brilliant at his job. I will always be grateful for what he has done for me, my family and Versace. I wish him every success in his new venture. “

Bella Freud, one of Marks’ earliest clients while working at Aurelia PR in London, described him as one of the “kindest and most trustworthy” people in the business Call him.”

Jason Weisenfeld, a Marks executive for more than 20 years who has worked with brands such as Versace, Net-a-porter, Coach, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham and Tiffany, said: “Now, more than ever, trust and loyalty are important to building Global strategy and partnerships are critical and Daniel has done so every day of his career.

“His instincts are accurate, he always, always sees the big picture and is strictly focused on purpose. Daniel’s leadership will be invaluable in these times when it’s becoming more and more difficult to break away from the hustle and bustle and keep moving forward strategically,” Weisenfeld said.

Marks’ move is part of a broader shift in fashion and luxury PR and marketing.

Companies are raising the bar, looking to offer more professional services to individuals and brands, and to strategize for an industry that relies more on social media, influencers and direct-to-consumer conversations than magazines.

Over the past few months, Bianca Fincham, who co-founded Rainbowwave PR with the agency’s founder Maria Lemos, has launched a new communications consultancy called Fincham. Her plan is to provide “a wide range of brand storytelling strategies and solutions” including video production and content creation.

In February, London-based Purple became a shareholder in a newly formed collective of marketers, creatives and strategists called Together Group, which focuses on the global luxury and lifestyle sectors.

Together Group positions itself as a full-service design, technology, marketing and communications provider for multinational, regional and local clients.

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