Coaching business is designed to help clients achieve professional personal goals

JJ Egloff started Sleeping Giant Coaching, LLC back in July, providing mentoring programs to his clients to help them achieve their career goals in the hospitality industry.
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Steamboat Springs resident JJ ​​Egloff has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, and he hopes to use that experience and his knowledge to help others start his new business, Sleeping Giant Coaching.

“I provide performance coaching for professionals in their professional and personal lives,” Eggloff said. “It all started with a career of over 10 years in the hospitality industry and realizing how much help people need in their careers to be happier, healthier, avoid burnout and learn how to live their best lives.”

Egloff gained experience as Simply Steamboat Manager, where he directed maintenance, housekeeping and guest service operations for Trappeurs Crossing Resort and other companies. He is also the Owner’s Liaison for Mountain Resorts, where he serves as the first point of contact for owners residing in six different owners’ associations. He also served as Food and Beverage Manager at Carmel Valley Ranch in California and Associate Store Manager for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

“I realized that my favorite and most fulfilling part of my job at the hotel was actually coaching my team, and one day I thought, ‘I can cut out everything except coaching and just focus on that.'”

Eggloff said his courses are aimed at managers above the middle level, or those looking to expand their careers in the hospitality industry and gain tools they can use in their current management roles.

“I would describe my clients as the type of people who have been exhausted, possibly overwhelmed and stressed out in their careers — which is very prominent today,” says Eggloff. “The work of such people may affect them from a health perspective and a well-being perspective.”

Eggloff said he meets with clients once a week for an hour, either in person or over the phone. His services are based on client needs and can help professionals in their professional and personal lives.

“It’s basically a mandatory one-hour gathering every week, and then it’s really kind of bespoke,” explains Eggloff. “The follow-up and accountability that I provided, and after that, the meeting was really based on their goals.”

Eggloff recalls helping a client with a large real estate presentation earlier this year.

“We had an hour-long phone call that week and we determined she needed to practice running,” Eggloff said. “So we had two other 30-minute calls scheduled during the week, and she was able to practice this presentation, so it was very custom.”

A three-month mentoring program costs $3,000 and Egloff focuses on helping clients reach their full potential. Eggloff said those interested in his services should go to Learn more or get started.

“The value comes from everyone in the world who has access to a coach — everyone can strive to be a better version of themselves,” Eggloff said. “Most of the time, it’s much better and easier to have someone by your side, hold you accountable, and make sure you keep your promise to be who you want to be. Be I’m really trying to make people the best good self.”

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